Avery Dennison Ecotach Biodegradable Fine Fabric Tagging Fasteners

  • $27.00

Avery Dennison EcotachTM Biodegradable (bio-PP) Fasteners meet the needs of environmentally conscious retailers, brand owners and consumers WHO WANT to reduce their environmental footprint. The bio-PP Fastener is made out of a proprietary blend of polypropylene material specifically designed to biodegrade in less than a year once it is on soil, without leaving behind any harmful substances. The technology used results in no microplastics so that when a fastener degrades all that is left is carbon dioxide, water and microbes (biomass).

Fine Fabric Fasteners are the right product for reducing the risk of holes and snags when attaching tags to delicate and tightly knit fabrics or creating unique washing effects on denim.

  • Paddle End
  • Boxed in 10,000
  • Master Carton of 100,000

For use in our Avery Dennison Mark III Fine Fabric Tagging Gun