Physical Distancing Floor and Window Graphics COMBO PACK - COVID-19

  • $49.00

5 Physical Distancing Floor Decals, 2 Physical Distancing Window Decals, and 2 Warning/Informational Decals.  Application Instructions Included!

Floor Decal:  12" x 12".  Help consumers maintain proper physical distancing .  UL rated, slip-resistant and fully insured against slip and fall claims.  Long lasting scuff-resistant, water-proof decal engineered for easy application on tile, wood, and painted concrete floors.  Easily removed within 6 months with no residue.   

Window Decal:   9" x 12" window decals are printed on two sides, and are opaque so the graphics don't show through and obscure the message on the other side.  They're suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  They are fully removable without residue on the windows.