About Us

I could write about how great I think we are, about how we are a distributor for some of the best brands in packaging today, how we keep a large inventory of bags, tags, tagging supplies, printer ribbons and much much more… but who would want to read about that? Instead I’d like to give you a brief history of how we came to be where we are today.

The story of how Amos & Simpson came to be dates back to the early 17thcentury, when Henry Hudson explored the Northwest Passage and established his first Hudson’s Bay Store on the banks of James Bay in Northern Ontario.

Naturally, demands on the time of the esteemed explorer were great so he enlisted two colleagues to manage the store for him, Horatio Simpson and William Amos! As things would have it, Hudson returned and was not pleased at all with the direction the company was being taken by his two new managers. You see, Hudson’s vision of a fur trading outpost was not shared by his esteemed colleagues who preferred to bring the store into the 17thCentury selling all manner of modern retail merchandise and employing all the latest technology in terms of tagging and price marking tools…even inventing the world’s first direct thermal labels (these unfortunately had to wait several centuries for computer printers to be invented to imprint them.)

So the group parted ways and given their experience in tags and labels William and Horatio expanded their products to include boxes and bags, ribbon and wrap, and all sorts of other useful items to help all the new stores and businesses to flourish in a fledgling colony. And so Amos & Simpson was born, and has been helping Canadian businesses sell things ever since!

* Most names, dates, places, details and pretty much everything else in this little story has been changed to protect the identity of those involved… I wouldn’t advise using it in a history class but hopefully it was a fun read!

The true part of the story is that Amos & Simpson carry the finest products for the retail industry at very competitive prices. We hope to hear from you soon!