Reliable Vivio 150GC Professional Garment Steamer with Aluminium Metal Steam Head

  • $229.00

The Vivio 150GC is a professional grade fabric steamer that is suitable for commercial or home use. The steam works by softening the fibers, allowing the fabric to relax. Wrinkles quickly disappear, leaving a finished and attractive look to your clothes.

There are a lot of choices in fabric steamers, but the Vivio’s unique combination of quality components, construction quality and simplicity make it an obvious choice for both pros and homeowners.

  • 1300W BRASS ELEMENT - Strongest material for the rigours of commercial use. More durable and resistant to scale build up than aluminium
  • ANTI-SPILL CAP - An anti-spill cap prevents water from spilling when the one gallon water bottle is turned over
  • ALUMINIUM STEAM HEAD - This garment steamer comes with a cast aluminium steam head with a “stay cool” wood handle. Temperatures. Of up to 180°F to simulate an iron for touchups
  • HEAVY-DUTY - Heavy-duty brass fittings throughout this garment steamer
  • EASY-ROLL CASTERS - Non-marking easy roll casters made to withstand the day to day use in retail clothing store
  • -Super-Flex PVC steam hose
    -Steam temperature 203º F
    -Head temperature 180º F
    -Power indicator light
    -Thermal fuse